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 "Top Notch Tri Camp was just what the doctor ordered. It was a very effective and challenging training weekend. I'm very happy I took him on as a coach. He has the knowledge, experience and resources to get things done ✅. Very impressed. Fun times with everyone that attended." -Tony Valentin 

Let me start off by saying this was my first Triathlon Training Trip. I started working with Jeremy Richardson just a few short months ago when I decided to get serious about my training goals. He quickly got me on a solid plan and saw my fitness level increase much quicker than going it alone. Being new to the sport I never had much contact with any athletes other than the ones I saw at the few races I did last year. I never realized the community that I was missing out on. The group of athletes that I got to know over this weekend was incredibly motivating. There were experience levels from novice all the way up to multiple Ironman Finishers. The beauty of the Jeremy’s workout schedule was that everyone at any level could take advantage of distances and paces that would push them to accomplish. Throughout the weekend we all accomplished personal goals. This hard work and dedication just kept bringing us closer together. I started the weekend meeting six other triathletes and ended the weekend with six close friends. If you have ever wanted to start, change things up, or re-motivate yourself the Top Notch Tri training camp is for you! I promise you will not be disappointed. -Mark Moss

Clermont Training Camp

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